Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sea - is the one & only thing in this world I'm gonna love always. At any day of the week, in any weather, at any time of the year - Sea is perfect & not perfect at the same time. And this imperfect perfection is incredible.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

The latest day of Summer is a perfect time to memorize all the incredible moments we have during these three month. But don't let yourself to be sad - when the Summer ends, the Fall comes. And who knows what will this Fall bring to us.

STEFFEN SCHRAUT Satin Front Essental Tank {love this one too} | Crepe De Chine Vintage Floral Skirt | Nelly Skinny Heel Thin Strap Sandals {old, these are incredible too}

EN: I can't believe that this Summer has just reached its end! I perfectly remember the very first day of it, & now it has come - August 31st. I am eternally grateful to this Summer for so many lessons it gave Me. I can say - I've really changed thanks to this Summer & its events. But the greatest gift of this Summer is to have this blog for already 1 year & 2 month!!  It's really amazing to have what I have & realize that My thoughts are read all over he world ;) Thank you, My dearest followers for it 
I know, I'm not the perfect one blogger - I frequently disappear (cause I have huge problems with My laptop). But I promise, that I'm gonna work harder & harder day by day. Cause My blog - is My beloved work. I do what I love & love what I do. I think, it's the best gift ever :)
Bye, Summer 2014 - hello Fall 2014!
RU: Я не могу поверить в то, что это лето подошло к своему концу! Я прекрасно помню его первый день, как будто это было вчера, но сейчас уже 31 Августа. Знаете, я бесконечно благодарна этому лету за все уроки, которые я извлекла, благодаря событиям этих трёх месяцев. Я действительно очень сильно изменилась за это время. Но самое главное - этим летом я отмечала Целый Год своего блога! Это нереально круто - иметь то, что я имею, и осознавать, что мои часто спутанные мысли читаются по всему миру ;) Спасибо Вам, мои дорогие Друзья за это 
Я знаю, что меня трудно назвать идеальным блоггером - я часто пропадаю на длительное время (проблемы с ноутбуком, к сожалению). Но я обещаю, что буду работать активнее и активнее день ото дня. Потому что мой блог - моя любимая работа. Я делаю то, что любл, и люблю то, что делаю. По-моему, это лучший подарок :)
Прощай Лето 2014 - здравствуй не менее восхитительная Осень 2014!
Wish you an incredible Monday!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I love to be inspired by colors, by places, by people. So, this time I got inspiration from Summer & Nature. Mixing textures & colors of Nature we have an incredible light combination in this outfit. 


Monday, August 11, 2014

Style is not just what you wear, style is a holistic picture, that includes makeup, hair & manners.
So, today I wanna share with you one of the most important parts of everyday style - My makeup tips. 


Friday, August 01, 2014

I've never paid much attention to sport fashion & sport style as such. 
But it turned out, this theme is interesting for lots of people. So, I was asked to create a post about how to feel comfortable, but stay fashionable during sports.
Let's talk, guys!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My dearest readers,

I can't describe how sorry I am now for disappearing. But I have huge problems with My laptop at the moment. It was broken already four days ago :(
Luckily, all the photos have been saved (OneDrive is amazing thing, recommend you to take care of your files too). So I promise to bother you with everyday posts, immediately as soon as I'll return my laptop! :)

I appreciate every one of you,
& thank you for your patience!

With love,
your Olya

P.S. I'm preparing small surprise for you ;)

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