Welcome to My blog, beautiful people :)

I'm Olya  19 years old fashion blogger, daughter, photographer & student from an amazing country  Ukraine. Constantly inspired by Travels, Fashion, People & Life itself.
I created My Blog in July 2013, & called it 'Girl from Vogue Blog'. But after almost two years of My blogging way, I decided to start a new page in My life. So, from May 2015, 'Girl from Vogue Blog' has My own name 'Olya Garkusha'.
For Me, Blog is more than just a website. It's a part of Me. It's a way to share My world to You. It's a way to show You that everything is possible. My biggest Dream  to inspire You!

P.S. I'm thankful My Mum for her constant support, help & inspiration for my Blog posts 

Thank you for being here!
Olya, x

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